Siobhán teaches the Viniyoga Approach to Yoga. The term 'viniyoga' is of Sanskrit origin and has many meanings to include 'application'.

The Viniyoga approach aims to apply the tools of yoga appropriately, taking into account the individuals needs, interest and goals. The tools utilised by Siobhán include asana posture work, pranayama, sound work and meditation aiming to facilitate students to reach their potential.

In addition, viniyoga refers to the tradition taught by TVK Desikachar, and passed down by his father, Krishnamacharia.

Features of a Viniyoga Class

A viniyoga practice is characterised by the following features:

Dynamic and Static Posture Work

Repition into and out of postures in addition to staying in postures aiming to improve flexibility and strength and promote relaxation

Application of breath

Conscious linking of breath and movement aiming to balance emotions and steady mind

Viniyasa Krama

Intelligent sequencing of Postures to reflect starting point and goal of practice

Adaptation of Posture

Postures are adapted to suit individual needs and interests of student

Yoga Philosophy

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali can be regarded as the classical text on Yoga. Compiled around 2000 years ago, it informs many approaches to Yoga. This philosophy outlines how one can move towards the attainment of a steady mind in a healthy body. Siobhán utilises the teachings of the Yoga Sutra in her classes.